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Marissa's Baby Album

They say things will never be the same...

Marissa has forever changed the way things are. Now Zachary is a big brother instead of an only child. Marissa sleeps better in a bouncer seat than in the crib. We'll have to work on that. She likes to go for rides in the car and she likes to be talked to and held whenever she is awake. She is starting to sleep more at night: she is only waking once if at all in the night, but she waits until about midnight to finally go to sleep! Sometimes I am lucky enough to get a nap with the kids during the day; and sometimes someone else (like Grandma) watches them so I can get that nap.

Here is Zachary helping Mommy give Marissa a bottle. Zachary is a very good helper and big brother!

Baby taking a bath; Actual size=240 pixels wide