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Marissa's Baby Album
S. Carolina vacation - May 2002
S. Carolina vacation - May 2002
portraits with Zachary
about 6 months old
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Mine! No, Mine!

Zac is 4 and Marissa is almost 9 months here.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

This sand makes a good lunch!


I'm a cute one, aren't I?

Is this a nude beach? Or should I keep this thing on?

This is really a big sand box!

This was Marissa's first plane trip.  She did pretty well, except for getting sick when the second plane finally stopped.  We had connecting flights.  Lucky thing that the lady that was sitting next to us was standing already!  We had a bumpy ride and we were all feeling pretty sick after all of that!  But Marissa was still a happy baby afterward.  And Zac thought it was all fun!

April/ May 2002