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Hastings Family Genealogy Page
Arthur Jared Hastings
Robert Arthur Hastings
Jean Hastings
Gladys Mellen
Arthur Jared Hastings

My Paternal Grandfather ~ "Grandad"

Arthur was born in 1902.
He had jobs as t.v. repairman, and some others that I cannot think of right now.
He married Gladys Mellen and they had twins in 1924.  Later, he married Velma.  I think they had no children.
Through research, I have found what I believe is Arthur's parents and siblings names:
Father: Robert B. Hastings
Mother:  Marthena C.
Brother:  Irwin or Irving R. Hastings
Sister:  Grace B. Hastings
Sister:  Lucreta Hastings

Arthur in the Service

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