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Marissa's Baby Album


S. Carolina vacation - May 2002
portraits with Zachary
about 6 months old
about 2 months old
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This should be a video of Marissa doing her "tricks".  She wiggles her head so cute and it sometimes makes her lose her balance.  But not this time!  You may have to turn your own volume up to hear it. 
Hope it works!:

Click the first one for the first part, and click the second one for the next part of the video.  I could not put them together, because it was apparently (for some stupid reason) too big and it would not work!!  I had a whole bigger longer movie made.  It was cuter than this, but this will have to do.

click here to play video

click here to play video

I do not know why I made you come to a whole new page to view this video!?  But maybe it makes it more special!  I only hope you can see it!  It may take a big moment to load, if it loads at all.  I may be doing this all wrong!  Let's find out.  Hope it wasn't too big of a file!