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Johan Berntsen pic
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This is Johan Berntsen, born in 1829, father to my grandmother Betsy and her siblings:  Helga, Johan and Regine.  Johan was married to Marie.

Johan Berntsen, year 1907

From information I have gathered from the Norway Census website, I have discovered that Johan's occupation was as a Stenpuker, but I have not found out what that means.  It could be some type of farming, which many people were involved in, it seems.
Johan's parents were father: Bernt Jorgensen, which means that his father's name was probably Jorgen.  Bernt's occupation was Husmand med Jord, which means "something? with earth".  Perhaps this was also something to do with farming.
Some terms I have found:
hus = house
med = with; by
jord = earth; ground; soil; land
Johan's siblings were Kristen Berntsen, son, born 1858;  Martin Berntsen, son, born 1860;  Julie Berntsdatter, daughter, born 1864.  Also living in the same household was Ronnau Gulbrandsdatter, family status as Husmoderens Moder, which might have been a grandmother or a housekeeper.  She was born in 1803.

I got a copy of this picture from Lillian.